Treatments for quintus varus (or tailor’s bunion)

Before considering surgery, treatment is firstly medical, avoiding any kind of shoe that would injure the foot.

For people in certain jobs or with sports activities such as skiing, shoes and slippers need modifying. Otherwise, it is enough to wear wide shoes until the lesions have healed, with little ortheses to prevent recurrence.

If this proves insufficient, surgery becomes necessary, to change the direction of the bone. For this, classical surgery may be used, with a long incision, cutting the bone with a saw and fixing it in a good alignment by means of screws.

Minimally invasive percutaneous techniques are also feasible to cut and realign the bone.

X-rays before and after osteotomy:



All these operations are performed under local anesthesia, as out-patient surgery. You can very soon stand on your feet and walk. Obviously, a period of rest is advisable while the skin heals over and the bone develops its fibrous callus.

Quintus varus is thus a rare pathology, either isolated or associated with other foot deformities such as hallux valgus. Treatment provides very good results.

tbwebTreatments for quintus varus (or tailor’s bunion)