Quintus Varus

Quintus varus (or tailor’s bunion)

Quintus varus (or tailor’s bunion) is a painful prominence of the lateral part of the 5th metatarsal head. “Bunion” is another term for hallux valgus; this 5th toe deformity is sometimes referred to as “bunionette”.

It is also known as “tailor’s bunion”, referring to the cross-legged “tailor” position, which causes friction on the lateral side of the foot and thus especially on the 5th metatarsal.

This friction becomes painful, with onset of corn and inflammatory bursitis.

Signs of tailor’s bunion (or quintus varus)

How does tailor’s bunion or quintus varus develop?

Treatments for quintus varus (or tailor’s bunion)

Before considering surgery, treatment is firstly medical, avoiding any kind of shoe that would injure the foot.
Treatments for quintus varus (or tailor’s bunion)

Contact medical team

Contact medical team

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