Hallux Valgus


Sometimes neglected, often overlooked, it is on our feet that everything stands or falls.
When we are in good health, we pay them no attention, but when they start making themselves felt it can be a real pain! Among all the various pains and deformities, hallux valgus (also known as “bunion”) stands out in frequency.

The information below is for patients seeking to know more about their deformity and its treatment.

The name is in Latin: hallux is the big toe, and valgus refers to it being bent toward the outside. Thus, hallux valgus is the name for that lump on the big toe known as a bunion. The big toe metatarsal shifts toward the midline, and the toe itself swings the other way, creating an angle with a protruding apex that constitutes the deformity.


How does the big toe
get deformed?

A cascade of

The various forms
of Hallux Valgus

Who to consult,
and when?

Treatments for hallux valgus

Treatment for hallux valgus depends on the degree of the deformity and the disabling impact:
Treatments for hallux valgus
L’hallux valgus percutané

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