The service is located on the second floor of the clinic’s consultation building. The entry “consultation” is located at 155 ter Boulevard Stalingrad.

How to get to the Clinique du Parc:

By Metro:

The Charpennes metro station is just a short walk from the Clinique du Parc. Metro lines A and B stop there. When you come out of the station, take Cours Vitton for a couple of minutes, turn right into Boulevard Stalingrad, take a few more steps – and you’re there.

By tram:

Line T1 “Montrochet – IUT Feyssine” stops at Charpennes. From there, see above.

By bus:

Line 27 stops literally at “Clinique du Parc” right in front of the Admissions (“Hospitalisation”) door.
Line C1 stops at “Vitton-Belges”, a hundred yards away.

By train:

The Part-Dieu rail station is less than a quarter of an hour’s walk from the Clinique du Parc. You can also take tramway T1 toward “IUT Feyssine” and get off at “Charpennes”, or bus line C1 to “Vitton – Belges” a hundred yards from the Clinique du Parc.

By car:

The Clinique du Parc has an underground car-park with an entrance on Rue Jean Novel. Coming via Boulevard Stalingrad from the north, watch out: you have to turn left at the traffic lights 80 yards before the Clinique, into Cours André Philip, then right at the first lights into Rue Louis Guérin. That takes you right in front of the Clinique car-park. On your satnav, enter the address 95 Rue Louis Guérin, 69100 Villeurbanne, rather than the address of the Lyon Clinique du Parc itself.  Lyon Clinique du Parc also has ambulance access for your appropriate entrance and exit; the department supervisor will take care of transport for you.